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took a nap, a long long nap, & was rewarded with all kinds of neat dreams. rather than leaping right up to record them acurately i just sort of languished in bed, drifing into & back out of them.

there were high school swim races, clones, conspiracies, evil ghosts who were angry when their clues wern't deciphered, grave robbing, all kinds of crazy shit. i got turned into a stick for a while, which turned out to not be such a bad thing. there was a weird scorpian thing running though-out; scorpians were my main worry, despite the snake man. oh, & there were all kinds of ancient astronaut machines & shit! there were these guardian angel people & i had to kill one by eating a letter after i opened it. it is hard to make sense of it now, but i remember huge, huge rooms filled with stargate looking technology. something was stalking me in the room, but i was supremely unworried. my ghostly protector was named indra, but was a girl. i saw her central core shut down when she was ravaged by the great black dog of the moors. oh, & i think one of my special agents was a black lesbian. also, the british special agents left their toys disguised as pots & pans in the cupboard of the egyptian dig, including the predatory wobbles & the prey weebles. there was a row of rattlesnake heads that had been cooked above an open fire. & thorny skeletons of dragons. also, a murderer's effigy came to life with his malignant intellegence. oh, & i invented a germ warfare weapon that flourished in the deserts & caves of the world, but would only kill those with seriously flawed gene codes, in preparation of post-apocalyptic culling. but the huge ancient computer core rooms, thats what i remember now the most.

i don't know, it was all really nice. i am not sure why i've been so tired. maybe i caught west nile from a mosquito! one time i caught it from jenny. since we mention jenny, i was talking to her before i went to bed, & i told her i'd kill all the dragons & all the unicorns for her. it sure is nice to have her back from vacation.

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