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last night went down pretty messed up. murder on the orient express of the evening. alice & cortney & i messed around with board games & computer games waiting for aaron to get home, & by then i really wasn't feeling the whole "go dancing at the gothbar" scene. aaron insisted on going, despite being told that his little bit o' stuff wouldn't be allowed in since they made it twenty-one & over (21+). he clung to the fact that an automatic telling machine that he called said there was only a five dollar ($5) for underagers. i eventually gave up arguing, & went with them since alice wanted to go dancing. cortney went home, since she didn't have the money to drink (neither did i, which is a large part of why i wasn't so sure i wanted to even bother going). jess & mica came over, we left, we arrived, we saw andrea couldn't get in, & aaron & i & andrea left; alice stayed with jess & mica. on the way home i was even more "i told you so" when aaron wouldn't listen to my driving directions, citing no real excuse.

back home, cortney decided she didn't want to go swimming, aaron & andrea locked themselves in aaron's room, so i unlocked the door so alice could crash on the couch & then i drifted off to sleep myself. & thats the end of my story. player goes bust, dealer wins. the teacher i emailed didn't email me back so it looks like i'll have to set my skills against him in this game of hide & seek. i will also be making phone calls attempting to set my fafsa troubles a-right. also, i will write my bullshit appeal letter, since i've decided that reprinting the last one is not the smarties' plan. i'll just tuck it in under collaborating paperwork. also, i will find some time to go to the gym. thats plenty to put on my plate for thursday, i think. sure i keep candles lit, but only to set fuses to them.

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