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the crumbling soul.

so, one of the things that persistantly bugs the hell out of me is girls thinking i'm hitting on them when i'm not. well, okay, i'm not that. its kind of established that i maybe come off as throwing game when i'm actually not. couple that with being a god-damn flirt, & i suppose a girl might have plenty of call for thinking i'm faking intrest in her to get her into bed at a bar (when what i'm really doing is just being intrested in things). what actually bugs me is when girls who i never threw a line at insisting on telling everyone who knows me at every opportunity that i used to hit on them all the time. case in point: anna, i never hit on you. you have two (2) chins, in that weird german way where you don't have much of a first chin, just sort of a wattle. i apologised a lot for forgetting your name because i was plastered. that isn't hitting on you, that is what bad religion calls drunk sincerity. & that girl mary, don't even get me started on. i wouldn't touch you with a ten foot (10') pole, unless it had a point at the end, which is what we in the bussiness like to call a "harpoon."

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