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yesterday aaron decided on a whim that he wanted me to show him nelson's ledges, so we drove out there & climbed a little until the skies opened up & the rains began. he was a trooper though, & even though the rocks were already ridiculously slippery from fresh moss growth & the rain from the tornado.

after that, we drove to mentor in order to eat my mother's food & go swimming in the lake. i called kingtycoon since he'd expressed intrest in the "swim in the lake" plan previously. anyhow, the lakes mini-tides were all out, & kingtycoon rightly expressed trepidations that it would be too gross. the dead fish that was about as big as my arm was sufficient illustration of that point. then while aaron & i were inside my mother's house changing clothese, kingtycoon left. we called & looked for him at the gas station, but not finding him we assumed he just went home.

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