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even when i hated you, i couldn't help but remember the good parts.

weird dream last night; i basically was batman, only joker never showed; i fought all the other requisite franchise villians, but no joker. i also was a samurai. eventually, investigating the closing of a scientologist sex-clinic, i ran into harlequin, who was more of a she-joker now, green hair & white skin. i snapped out of the whole good guy role & started in on the villiany; some people blamed the beer. my batmobile had been wrecked fighting posion ivy, in the bayou. there was a shark that was eaten by a crocodile, & a cat that wouldn't stop meowing unpleasently. in the swamp, the jokers half animated undead corpse was searching all the ruined cars for a car battery to jumpstart his heart; eventually he found the batmobile.

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