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this morning the power was out when i got up. "oh boy," thinks i, "do i have a knuckle sandwich for aaron!" but later it came back on, so i guess the wind & rain oughta be grateful for being mostly unpunchable, because if i ever figure out a way, there is a punch waiting in the wings for them (& i hold grudges). aaron has already begun moving into his new apartment in cleveland. slowly dusk settles on kent ohio. the unending night begins soon, when the forces of all that is m come home to new york city to roost.

i'm trying to keep myself in good working order so-as to allow functional access to the financial aid center today. if i do so, i will be acting a full week before classes start. thus making me the most responsible m ever. of course, now that i think about it, a week is practically forever. sabotauge brain, you shut your fucking mouth. the charm of self-destruction loses its lustre when there is a hot librarian slut ready to deliver the goods as soon as i get my cracker ass to new york.

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