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i feel like i was very ridiculous & very sincere on the telephone last night. like, i probably treated everything in a way that was really silly, but also in a way that was based of the axiom that we are in love. which is probably all just too, too cute or something, but makes me feel like a shark. she's the paper i'm inkly rorschached all over.

my fucking telephone is being a wreck today. every time i try to dial out, it gives me that "your call cannot be completed as dialed" bullshit. which i gather is not what the phone says when its been disconnected by the phone company. i tried dialing without the prefix, in case there was just some kind of routing change that i missed, but no dice. just fucking great. theresa is supposed to be maybe swinging by my place today, but as i have no way of getting any information on that subject, who knows what that is all about.

also i found new muscles hiding inside my body & now they are sore. take that!

fucking karate-chop morning. basically, i could chill the fuck out if i knew what the theresa & adam scene was all about. i don't want to just flake, but sitting in my apartment waiting to see if they stop by doesn't sound all that appealing either. what if they come when i'm at class? what if after class i hit the gym & they come then? i want to see theresa, right? & adam is definate bonus, as i approve of that guy plenty. did jenny tell me secrets about their travel plans? i know they've passed through chicago, so they should be on time. i know that they want to get on rt. eighty (80) so they should be pointed my way. i only require a timestamp on this parcel!

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