mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

razorblade grimm's faerietales.

the solo's muscles were licoriced & sinewy, his whole frame narrow & lithe, standing in the narrow notch of the wall. his eidolon sat in a chambered phial on a pedestal in front of him, emitting an opaque green glow the color of an led screen. he was one of the first uplifted juggernauts developed at kent state, back in the early part of the century. in a few hours he was going to be submerged in a lagoon as part of the tests that were being run on him in order to determine viability. he would be submerged, of course. his targets would perish under his poetic seeming attacks. but after that, things would be diffrent. but i'm getting ahead of myself. there was a little mushroom sat atop the eidolon phial that said "eat me."

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