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last night kingtycoon decided to run a one-shot with option-to-purchase since our old game had pretty seriously stalled. it took place on the boundless horizon, a world that is rumored to be the hyazin homeworld. these days the population is pretty cosmopolitan, since it is basically the world you might go to if you like clean country living & tropical climates. in other words it is a paradise world of sorts, if you are into that sort of thing. we all played pre-gen character backrounds with reasons for being there; some of the backrounds were written with certain players in mind, like orie as the intense young swordsman, steve as the thrill-seeking trickster, renwick as the alchemist drifter, or me as the young aspirant necromancer. chris played a affable dilletante, but i don't think he really got into it. my character was a fiel elf, who went to the world of toxic to study with lord tomb in his academy of thanatology. he also was obsessed with the ten volume work of af'orel, the great elven poet of yesteryear. my basic reason for being at a resort on the boundless horizon was essentially that i was on spring break. lord tomb, my undead mentor, had sent me here to have fun, make friends, & enjoy myself, lest someday i become one of the lords of the thanatocracy without having any sunlit days to reflect on in my eternal twilight years.

the game itself was very odd & intresting, involving the death of reega, the spirit of having a good vacation at the resort, & the foul magics of the hobgoblin petalfeather. it also included our characters going on a vision quest through the use of the hallucinagen blegret; i am, for instance, on the dream of words. this renders us in some capacity as souled creatures. the adventure was not resolved by the end, leaving us with a lingering villian, & a reason to know each other during the start of the campaign which will take place with us all two years older. we also picked up an agent, zorn, who will be our bondsman, getting us into the professional adventuring market.

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