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the modern nazgul.

last night we traveled across many strange lands, stopping briefly in the middle of downtown akron on a dead-end called "grace alley." realized, the fuck, thursdays is the grave of a good bar. tris_tessa came over for gin & juice. we played games & there was all around fun. tommorow she will escort mr. caliban to the airport. but uh, eff wednesday nights.

this morning i fell half-asleep while masturbating half-asleep. this quarter-asleep meant that i dreamt that i actually had sex with jenny. so that was pretty cool. except when i woke up there was this big empty bed. oh woe, etc.

today so far caliban & i got ice cream & then saw t3. he enjoys the post- in post-apocalyptic, whereas i'm a sucker for the apocalypse itself. there were lots of robots & guns, so consider that my hearty recomendation. of course, cal & i both like a great many terrible movies, so i suppose you have to draw your own conclusions.

insects curled up on glass is tonights secret agenda! don't let anyone know.
(black sheep expect trouble!)

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