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the ballad of the broken jellyfish.

sunday at three fifty (3:50) callie (grayslayers, primroseport) came to ohio, & kingtycoon & i picked him up from the airport- me with fancy elf shoes on. we drove back to kingtycoon's place, where we hung out with danielle & agatha, & ate chipotle. afterwords we came back to my apartment. we were supposed to play board games with demario & rukiya, but demario didn't come back in time. so sunday was just an acclimating day.

monday morning we didn't get anything done, really, except maybe playing some star wars duels & contra. at four (4:00) we went to my civilization class, where we looked over at each other on important near post-apocalyptic comments. that evening we went out to the zephyr & the loft with sarah, eric, & two of their friends. we tried to feed callie, who doesn't drink, a long island ice tea. afterwords, eric came over & i made pop-corn, & we drank bud light from cans while playing duels.

tuesday, we woke up to jeffrey arriving, & after eating & showering we put on crappy clothes & went to nelson's ledges. we hung out there for quite some time, climbing & scrapping, eating peanut butter sandwiches & pickles. i scraped up my shins & got mosquito bites, a couple bruises, scraped forearm, & a banged up elbow, so it was pretty successful. after that we came back here, & cortney (pilesofyogurt came over when she got off work. we went swimming in the pool, playing marco polo, shark & tadpoles, & cortney & i played the gentleman's game of dunk. seems no one but us thought dunk was very fun though. after that we all came inside & watched josie & the pussycats, which i think has to classify as a cult movie by now.

the maintance men outside the building right now are talking about girls at the pool over their walkie-talkies. "a nice red bikini" he said just then. they are the new generation of men, with their technology & their oogling eyes.

i've talked to jenny a few times since she's been in chicago & callie's been here. its just hard for our stars to cross. i'm not worried about it; we're both busy all the time, her with her family & me with my guest.

right now callie is watching grosse point blank before i have to go to class.

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