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my dreams last night centered around super-powered individuals & child-abuse work camps. for the most part there was lots of animie style running along rooftops; one scene dealt with the ninja sliding down two vertical beams that slowly widened by using his legs, then walking it down on his hands, all at high speed. he was then caught & killed by his best friend, an old man who was the world's formost security specialist. outside my apartment was a zentraedi sized woman, giant to the tune of fifty five feet (55'), who would try to smash me to bits with her porportionally sized sword while i ran away from her with fleet feet. we paused for a moment to catch our breath & i asked he if she ever got tired of this, to which she replied that she thought she was falling in love with me.

all this was spliced with scenes of maybe super-powered or gay youth being abused to the point of exhaustion. of holes in the ground labeled execution holes, because they just would push you in there & leave you until you died. if you fell asleep the couciler would shake you awake, so that you were not allowed to sleep even a little. the boys & girls were regularly tied to the poles in closests & left there or tied to nails sticking out of walls & whiped with bike chains.

i also got a little black kitten. i had to search the hotel room i was staying in for food to feed it, while it waited in the bathtub. i left it with a little water & a couple croutons in the bathtub so it wouldn't shit everywhere while i went to mcdonalds to eat. when i came back the bathtub was half full & the kitten's head was underwater. i drained out the water & laughed that i'd managed to kill it after only a few hours. then it sort of started coughing, & was trapped in a bubble, which i popped & got the kitten out of, which turned out to be fine. eventually it grew up into a pretty sexy black girl who looked like lisa bonet a little.

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