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so i really hate eating. i mean, the entire notion of a compulsion to put consumables into my belly is just troubling. now, this doesn't mean i am not constantly eating. i am. i need lots of food! thats what disturbs me. that i need it. although its cool to chew things up. chewing & biting are okay, but peristalsis gets creepy after the swallowing part. that said, there are some foods that i genuinely enjoy. sushi, hijiki-tofu from dojos, burritos from chipotle, & skyline chili.

skyline chilli brings me to my point today. what the fuck science? i can't believe you are still cramping my style with having to take the tray of my microwavable food out of the box & make me poke holes in the cover. that isn't convienance, thats inconvienance. you are telling me you can't make a package that is self-hole cutting? that is 100% bullshit, & i am calling you out on it. i am putting a bounty out on the "stick in microwave & nuke" package. invent it & you will get my laundry money- i am willing to say that on the internet, thus making it true. nasa, i'm looking at you, & you too guys who make capri sun.

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