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i stagger through places looking at people who seem to know who i am thinking "don't i ever meet people while i'm fucking sober?" shit, who was that guy at the pool? the worst part about that guy is that he knew. he could just tell by the vacant way i agreed with him that i could not remember who he was. & shit. everyone is just people. i don't even like people, not really. i like being among them, but actual people are not really my thing. everyone with their soft fucking voices, asking me why i'm always shouting. because i say things worth being heard! well, every so often i do. it isn't exactly the tongue of infinite glibness afixed to my skull.

also, i want to know how much writing in a day counts as getting something accomplished. as being productive. i so envy kingtycoon's prolific writing abilities. though i tell myself it comes with practice- the more i write, the easier it will become to write. though i am using write in the least pretentious way possible- writing about dnd is not exacly penning oedipus tyrannus. i think i am starting to get itchy to run my game. its just a feeling that maybe if i had events swinging & scrapping, i could more easily give them context.

this sunday soothslayer is coming to ohio to visit me.

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