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bible heroes.

nathan is a kabbalist menonite. well, really, he self identifies as an anabaptist, but the whole point is moot because somehow inside his head the entire idea that one must be born again to seek the kingdom of god & the idea of remaining seperate from the world morphed into a severe dissasociative sociopathy. nathan likes to read the apocraphya, lurking around the enochs mostly, & he can name the 72 names of god shemhamphorae while balancing a candlestick on his nose. he was the assistant pastor of a church in india as a missionary a few years back, until the usmb found out about his deeply held heresies & ousted him. nathan is intrested more in his own divinity than in any external power, & he often points at his win-loss ratio in nhl hockey for the playstation as evidence of this.

nathan is one of the new bible heroes.

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