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bible heroes.

archie archie archie. everybody talks about archie like they know him. did you see archie catch that pass on the one (1) yard line. are you voting for archie for best smile or most likely to succeed. what everybody doesn't know about archie could just about fill the pacific ocean. if it were the pacific ocean of eternally burning fire & sulfur. you don't get to be where archie was without some potentate of hell taking notice of you. in archie's case, this was because he'd sacraficed his mother's pure-bred weiner dog while incanting the black mass. there is bound to be some sort of reckoning, but archie isn't overly concerned. archie is the man. archie is in control. when he learned about mortimer's plan on icing the boys upstairs & down, it occured to him that here was a convienant way to take care of the debt on his demonic pact. archie signed right up on that scene, because archie is the kind of guy who seizes opportunity when it presents itself. archie is also a little bit of a dick.

archie is one of the new bible heroes.

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