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all right you aspiring fuckjob wizards, do you want to know what real magic is? i just finished a pack of hot dogs. & a pack of hot dog buns. at the same time. you want to talk about mutant powers? there is my evidence.

last night i called sarah back from her earlier communique, & met her & eric at the loft for pizza. there i met jen & mike & colleen (have you ever read watership down, sarah? "DID YOU JUST SAY WATERSHIP DOWN?"). they'd all been drinking all day beside the pool, so they had a pretty strong lead on me. i met "santa claus," who is a old man with a large white beard named jeff who bought me & eric a shot of whiskey. mostly it was me & eric talking while various drunk girls wandered in & out of our field of conversation.

then, for extra magic, when eric drove me home? as soon as i logged onto the internet, i saw that jenny was online. you want to talk about magical. she is the dresden of the mundane. she's a flat as glass & as multi-hued as tatterdamelion. so she called me until we fell asleep.

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