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it figures for dark & miserable dreams.

good morning rolling rock. my name is m. you may remember me from the summer of 2001. we dated a little bit. i wore black, you wore a painted on label. our whirlwind romance took me drunk to night beaches where i'd swim out to hidden platforms. can we share a few words, me & you? 33 is right, baby.

you grew up in latrobe, so i figure you know from lonely. well listen. i don't even really have anything to back up my dreams from last night. abandonment may be my complex of choice, but i don't have so much call for it these days. but you know, dreams get ahold of what you're thinking & tell you how you're about to be fucked by it. it isn't coincidental that dream & demon are basically the same word. the details arn't exciting. just passive-aggressive attacks on the clouds of my everest.

fuck that, though. i'm a chinese new year parade of a boy. give me a couple of moments to clear my throat & i'll be right with you. contiguous continents lads; an army across pangea. i've made a bomb out of wire coat hangers & paper mache. i am not worried. i can take this test drunk.

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