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bible heroes.

daphne thinks the only art of real signifigance are prehistoric cave paintings. if art does not imply magical signifigance through representation, then she doesn't give a flying fuck about it. daphne speaks akkadian & pehlavi & half a dozen extinct languages beside. she's a genius with glottal stops & nasal consonants like you wouldn't believe. despite pretentions otherwise, she's one of twenty (20) people in the world who really understand that ridiculous angelic script, not that angels write anything worth reading. she masturbated for the first time in her life while watching an indiana jones movie. somehow archeology & diecide go together hand in hand for her, which works out swell for everybody as it turns out. in high school she was on the women's competetive rowing team, so it isn't as if she's a shut in any more than say, your average girl who knows how to read cuneiform (which is to say, her).

daphne is one of the new bible heroes.

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