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bible heroes.

christina lived her life with this motto: "i am in love but i still have a heart of malice." she had thought things through, & decided that was the way she was going to do it. it wasn't a flaw in herself or fault she found in the world. she just thought everything was so fucking beautiful that sometimes it hurt her. all of the other new bible heroes were in love with her- she was fragile & attractive, which is something that appealed to the fledgeling foes of divinity. they all would go out of their way to avoid upsetting her unless they had to- that is how the phrase "chrissakes" came into parlance among them. christina dressed like a drunken edwardian who had fallen into the sex pistols closet; a corset & a leather jacket helps explain why everyone else had such a hard-on for her. as often as possible, she ate pad thai; she never drank anything but skim milk if she could help it. chris didn't really have any facillity for weapons, but she loved radiskull & devil doll. what she lacked in fighting ability, she really made up for through her love of that internet cartoon.

christina is one of the new bible heroes.

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