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bible heroes.

you can't really blame fruit-loop. his parents named him after a kind of cereal. what sort of man would he be if he didn't grow up to hate god? no kind you'd want to know, that's for certain. fruit-loop was really hispanic, the sort of kid who grew up in a neighborhood where the gangsters still used knives. fruit-loop didn't just hate god, he hated pretty much everyone, so he got in the gang-life scene. he had good, quick hands- the sort of hands that a middle class white kid might pander into amature stage magic. fruit-loop got good with a knife, instead, the way a low class hispanic would. he was really hispanic- like a walking fucking cliche. no one could call him on being a latino ethnic slur, though- what kind of asshole insults your genes if you're named fucking fruit-loop for chrissakes. fruit-loop could cut the fingers off an angel before it could get out "fear not."

fruit-loop is one of the new bible heroes.

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