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bible heroes.

mortimer grew up believing a lie. he believed that all was right in heaven. mortimer was twelve (12) the first day he unraveled this contemptuous lie, when the 13,478th sortie of the illustrious host upon the world occured. the angels slaughtered most of the population of denver, but more importantly, recent innovations in human warfare since the 13,477th sortie latter disguised as the children's crusade caused a shift in the balance of power. while the old adages of buring swords & pillars of salt still retained their vigour, it was discovered that the protective aura granted by the hand of the lord was not as effective at stopping high velocity steel jacketed bullets as could be hoped. there were many broken halos in denver that night. mortimer watched a seraph bleed to death on the ground beside a dumpster while he was hiding from bullys. that day, mortimer's life changed irrevocably for the better. he rightly reasoned that if an angel can die, than anything can. he started listening to rock & roll & playing dnd. as soon as he turned eighteen (18) he purchased a shotgun from a k-mart & begun drawing up drafts of his plans to kill the devil & god (in no particular order).

mortimer is one of the new bible heroes.

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