mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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i feel like they used to make gatorade candy. i realize that is probably a crazy person delusion of mine, but i think they did. or maybe it was gatorade gum. there totally used to be gatorade candy or gum. i am indulging myself in a little bit of craziness this morning because more than anything i just want to be hiding under the blankets with a naked jenny. but not my one blanket, because i think that someone used that as a towel after they went skinny dipping- leastaways, it is wet & balled up in my bathroom.

like, these vitamins hurt my stomach. that is scientifically proven. they also hurt my roomate's stomach. wait, am i listening to the "all the coloured girls" doo-doo-doos superimposed on the rocky horror picture show? i am so not awake right now.
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