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i mean eat, of course. so cortney is back in ohio. i wonder if she'll become any part of my life before i leave to be in new york. i'd be pretty okay with it if she did. man, i knocked over my plant before, i was so drunk. actually, i wasn't so drunk then, but i feel like being an alcoholic is better than being a klutz. also i'm pretty sure that i tried to explain "crescent fresh" to the black guys. way to go me! apparently i passed out before the skinny dipping, which, like, man. it was cold last night. it makes me think about the time acmed dived into the shallow end of the pool & knocked his teeth out. while drinking to dice last night cortney kept putting conversation hearts in our drinks.

i didn't remember adding fancyadventures to my friends list.

this is how i know i didn't have jenny at the party last night- i didn't have water by me when i fell asleep. see, i have this deal with jenny. i'll try to take some minimal care of myself as long as she keeps her pubic hair shaved into the shape of an M. but i also know she loves me alot, & if i fell asleep before her she would make sure to bring me water. its funny how love means you care about someone else. its lucky for me that i have jenny to love. its a fistful of kisses i've got for her.

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