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if the weather continues to be nice tonight, & i can find a dry enough spot, i might just go out under the stars & look for satelites in the night sky. this hollowness in my belly is the star on a bullet most days, knowing she's the pistol for me, but since i came home i just can't help wishing she were here. if commision 17 of the international astronomical union didn't regulate the nomenclature of all lunar features, i'd change all the names tonight. if i wasn't so lonely i could think of a play on words for palus-palace. something involving cinderella's splinters & my wicked vaudville camp.

wherein the coda suddenly falls apart into the discordant signals of seti. the lesson of sounds from space. either you are alone or whatever else is out there is savage chaos given form, tenuous as form may be when thrown sheet-like over a ghost. these are the hungry stars i miss, the haunted features of the heavens. these stars shed no light. they burn silent with nuclear fire, striken with sunspots.

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