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"just off the cuff, i'm thinking that before agility & strength, the knife demands two things from its weilder- the willingness to use it as a weapon, & actually holding it. i've got you on both counts. i suggest you seek hospitilization, unless you'd like to continue our fray while wounded & unarmed?"


i am living my david lynch life over here, okay? its all zig-zag tiles & nick cage in snake-skin. so don't you fucking look at me. don't you fucking look at me. these are the dialouges i have in my head. the quote above is between a deadly modern samurai (think forrest whitaker meets tim roth) who is talking insensiably to a deadly, deadly bear. the bear would be baffled by it, if it was really capable of thoughts that included the notion of puzzlement other than "how did that food get up into the tree?"

this is good script! who will win this clash! the bear, or the samurai!
(hint: i have not yet mentioned bruce campbell's character's entrance.)

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