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oh rajah.

so yesterday, after a mostly pointless class that i went to anyhow just to enforce the patterns of a thoughtful student, i walked over to erica's house. my nose was dripping like a faucet, since all the dustmites are being stirred up by the cooling systems of various places, so we walked to my apartment so i could take medicine. while here, we came up with the winningest plan for a wednesday night: we went to the cinemark ten (10) in willoughby to see two towers for one dollar ($1). i informed kingtycoon this was the plan of action & he joined us there. it was pretty cute- he couldn't resist chuckling like a goblin during certain points. when i leaned over to tell him about the kids in helm's deep looking like good eating, he said "when i saw the elves come i thought 'oh good, a two-course (2-course) meal." afterwords, erica & i missed the exit to kent & had to explore our way home. then i passed right out in bed.

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