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the optical illusions of my honest intentions.

questions from gunn
1. Are the only one who fell? Have you ever ran into any others of your ilk?

i am, at heart, a bad judge of character. i can deduce motives, reasons, wants, & that sort of ruckus. but i am too self intrested, & have too hard of a time accepting that other people might be real, so i have a problem with it. that said, i'm sure its not a game of solitaire.

2. The bartender says, "What's your poison?" And you order a drink, but he whispers- "No, really. What kinda poison can I getcha?"

i really think that whole interferance with the electron transport system is just too sexy to neglect.

3. Night of they were monsters wanted to eat me. Were you on drugs? Seriously? You're the biggest baddest monster I know!

i mean, well yeah, i had a little bit to drink. i mean, it was plausible to me that i'd walked all the way to ohio. the thing you said really sums it up. biggest baddest that you know. right?

4. You find, that after beating Tetris, the playstation asks you to design your own game, something to burn the filth(tetris) out of it. What's the plot of your video game?

fucking tetris. well my video game is clearly going to be a square style roleplaying game. at one point you pick up a guy who only weilds knives. he leaves your party half way through. towards the end he would join your party, with like, 999 hit points but 9999 mp, & an evasion rating of like, 110%. he would also be equipped with a banging sword. he'd stay only long enough to fight the sub-boss while the party went on to the end. that would be me.

5. So whatever happened to that Amsel chick? You tell me.

if that girl was half as likely to do adventurous things as she could be, i'd say she died while out on a fishing trawler. but really, i figure she's hitchiking her way back up to ohio. who could resist?

from comebackwinter
If you could be known for any single accomplishment/failure, what would it be?
i want to destroy the universe. if there needs to be people per se to know about it, i suppose it would be the near-success of that.

You become invovled in a political sex scandal, what role do you play and what happens?

man, i wish it was home-made porno tapes made with my girlfriend that are like, stolen by the press. that would be sweet.

If you could get the step on evolution what would you change about human biology/instinct?

i think speciation has had its day in the sun; now is the time for post-human diversity. i say undo the genome like a zipper & let individuals & tribes duke it out for supermecy.

Butt sex; yay or nay?

i think anal sex is a better term, but a yay. it is a nice bit of variety.

Worse: Stepping in Dogshit or being vomitted upon (you must drive i hour in a hot car to your destination, follo wing the mishap)?

oh, the stepping in dog shit for sure. it can be scraped off, & at the very worst is on your shoe. thats definately the best bet.

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