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maybe taking that nyQuil last night was a mistake- today i feel absolutely wiped. floors have been mopped with me. i was planning on going to the gym directly after my class, & have been psyching myself up to it all day but i honestly don't feel up to it. & on one hand i want to be like "if you want to you can find excuses not to do anything." the other hand is something like "man, you feel like shit. just don't abuse yourself right now. you'll go in a couple of days when things don't suck so much."

i just took an hour long nap & i feel better; i'm going to leave my workout clothes, so after class if i want to i can just pick up & go. my sleeping is so arythmic & off-type that i wonder if the best choice word was nap. sure, i did drift off there a few times for a couple of minutes, but most of the duration i was conscious for, just not really with it. i spent the whole period of it in bed & it was sort of restful, so i suppose a nap is what it was.

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