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i stole the fire escape.

so i finally arranged the wedding of want & need- i got a job application for chipotle. how sweet would it be if i ate chipotle all the time until i turned, for instance, into the mexican himself! i will be the neil armstrong of this burrito-satellite if they will have me. i will be as severe as the countance of a man at the running of the bulls (in spain). these men are very stern- they do not care if the emperil their lives! in this way they are like samurais. that is cool.

yesterday i wrote about dnd all day long. it is nice to see that i am so clever. if you wanted you could shoot your caterwaul pistol right into the face of someone. i made it so that you can. grace is the word for my scientific devisings. everyone was jelous, & bought me candy, & said that they wanted to trade garbage pail kids cards with me- i was a winner!

then allen price came over to my apartment. we (which is me, & he, & tris_tessa & aaron) went the ye old local pub. we saw many strange spectacles there, which include mostly people that i know, only one of whom counts for having a livejournal. enjoy that eric & sarah & ken jansen & lindsay, sean & that lifeguard guy & sean's bit o' stuff, enjoy your failings compared to pseudogod! enjoy it. then at a diffrent bar there was a drunk girl who i tried to trip. i was slapped when i suggested that someone should capture her for molesting. she was not hot. by the time we went back to tris' empty little house i was sleepy- it was not long before i went to sleep, but only after ample ouji boarding. where are you mr. bawdy!? oh & allen made out with tris & his belt was on the other side of the room from his pants! you'd notice his belt, it is very much a studded punk rock belt. tris said he is pretty okay with the making out; it is nice to know that about some people. like allen & his supple form, his pink tasty skin. shit. i get so goblin sometimes. i can't even talk creepily about my friend's sexuality- i too much want to devour him.

in the morning there was an insane man asking about the landlord!

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