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lottery & portent (in suspots, drinking unsafe water).

i followed cityofneedles' link to here & kept clicking reload & these are some i felt like cutting & pasting for whatever reason. i don't feel like i need to explain myself. if you feel like i need to explain myself, please send a letter to me in the mail & include a self adressed stamp envelope so it is very easy for me to reply. my mailing address is

m. james. burke.
920 morris rd. apt#3
kent, OH 44240

m is something
important not really
damn i imagine that i
mean, like the thing
the national park. i was
just said
alot of
hope she is
flipping burgers.
uh...teach. what no fighting a
story iii.

m gunslinger.&#crown me i had already
namesake, not where, we both
virtue & vice.
v. mostly my mind cannot bare
to come on,
metaphysical par with my
response would suggest.

m inc. profile
previous breeding grounds. even
i gots myself or the redemption of me. 1 Do
you had a little on
the fan. the letter, m.

m eventually, the
world nichole. & teamed up &
in lean times at least, among
youth, also be remembered
me as much based
on humans, get cold, & want
to the
war hoax, this reason,
a way i agree with
giant spiders; but done also, ninja edde,
wow! she has yet to
do all based on the
fact because i think
about the i know. what
would hatch dragons. i
think is more resembled my
roomate, janice, & her being pupil
of england on foxgloves.
vitamin fatalism
has theories; here, is the door &
to but to
be visible
through telescopes but maybe
not break down
after time, despite
having at
a girl on my friend i called back here &
is sort of us?on a little
a fuckload of me
up the trees of your persona?
it like this: place that
you made girls is pretty
people i really as opposed to comic book called
my friend i know.

m fucker. who can be.effective.
in hand; there be 7.gunslingers | crown
me king 6:49
pm if i dreamt about got her
calculations say
already current
music: crown it the third valentine is an apartment
wants to danielle, thats fine.

the fact that a random generation machine can make livejournal entries really frees up my spare time. from here on out i think i'll just click this link & cut n' paste whatever results it concocts. i'm too third eye anymore; pragmatic hindus feel similarly to the learned catholic when confronted with the adam & eve myth. in other words, i'm just another epic of gilgamesh. i wish i could say i owned guns, plural. last night i spoke on the phone with sharikins & that was fine, just fine, me & my haze of alchohol & early today i'd been speaking to gunn & me & my haze of haze of haze. hazing by which i mean paddling & goldfish. i am of the odd opinion that today is the day i will start speaking in binary only, even though i'm fairly certain that my conviction for that crime was yesterday. i can't stop considering how the word "were" implies departure & devestation; there were great cities of savage steel, but now are only ruins for example. words have the charm of bee stings today. i keep saying today like it matters; i feel oddly like listening to the smashing pumpkins now. i first saw the video for "today" (my initial exposure) at james trigillio's house while we were getting ready to play sega. i was never a particularly huge fan of the band, but i liked them well enough. my father & step family, who were perhaps not all that invested in me, as i showed little investment in them, only could understand that my demographic, i.e. me, liked the smashing pumpkins & the crow. for years i recieved gifts of smashing pumpkins t-shirts & the crow: city of angels merchandise. that is the end of the story i am telling to you, sucker-jerk.

seriously, if there is not a self adressed stamp envelope, do not expect a reply.

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