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seriously, wtf my awol girlfriend? i guess i got ahold of her. its just living this way like a skeleton pirate without a sail. i mean, she's so integral to whatever scheme i am brewing. from anthing to a scoured clean homocide to a multi=billion dollar paper trail. jenny is the anchor that makes the war worth fighting. i went to a book store with isaac & araron & who is missing but her. aaron wants to buy yu-gi-oh! cards; isaac & i want to look at dnd books. if jenny was there she could kiss me & tell me what to do better than chance. she wizards me about like road kill on a stick. only, in the most romantic way. i have this girl, see. & i'd do anything for her. i'd even fight the hordes of unearned authority. she sparkles & she shines. she does things beyond the casual & way past the usual. your girl friend may shred the slopes by mine, she makes the snow; i can't even tell you how much power she holds. it is twice as much since she knows where it goes. its is sad for me that she is asleep, but even so, i am glad for her rest. she is te best thing. the best thing.

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