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last night, ms. alice "quietlyecstatic" S. came over to my apartment in her boat of car. i was groggy from making with the nap & the glass of wine, but as soon as i decided to go over to visit rukiya, i got with the program very effectively, with no goto line 10's. i met rukiya's roomate, janice, & her "i just got out of a relationship with my ex-fiance" good friend; i also met the tiniest girl in the world, nichole. & man, demario was there. demario is rukiya's fella', but i've only met him the once, & i got a pretty guns of navarrone vibe off him. but maybe rukiya is the sort of friends in one pile & boyfriend in the other kind of girl? also, it might be that he thought rukiya & i used to make out, which is untrue & so now-abouts its a non-issue.

we played a pretty crazy game of monopoly. for one thing, it was my star wars monopoly, so everyone was running around going "who just landed on the gungan sub? i got to get my bills!" which was just fucking hillarious. plus, with seven people, the game of monopoly is substantially weird. then there is the fact that it got cut-fucking-throat. rukiya & nichole teamed up & demario ended up with immunity everywhere on the board more or less. there were some heated argument & snide side comments. so basically, a fuckload of fun. after the game rukiya, alice, demario & i sat around reminscing about old board games like stratego, & teaching each other new card games. that conversation led itself to mention geek conventions, for the stratagy game angle. then i talked long & hard about forensics & got to impress everybody.

after that, alice & i came back here & accidentally played tetris till 5 in the morning (5:00am). thanks for buying videogame crack aaron. oh, but i can't be mad at my roomate. he got a job at mcdonalds. this is entirely true. he got a job at mcdonalds & brought home a sack of food last night. he's taking lifeguarding classes but right now he is flipping burgers. uh...okay! & he also never called back the hot girl, & on his date with her he gave her a hug when she clearly went in for the kiss. my roomate, ladies & gentlemen, king of the normals. & partially inept. i try to help him! i'm a helper.

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