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questions from my favorite livejournal user, pravda

1)what do you ultimately see happening with the dnd story you're working on? publishing it as a dnd book? do you ever think about trying to write a story (this story) published as sci-fi fantasy but not actually dnd related?

let me think about best case scenario: i write up a dnd book, figure out how to get it published through either wizards of the coast or using their open source rules, & i become the heir to the legacy of gygax. or you know, wooed by another company & become the next tom dowd or justin achilli or whatever.

& yeah, the story is there; the story can exsist without the game. the two things are in fact sort of hand in hand; there are alot of crappy sci-fi novels based on roleplaying games. maybe i could write a decent one, & redeem genre fiction somewhat. i don't know.

2)which is sexier, a girl who can fight her own battles or a girl who needs you to fight them for her?

a girl who can fight her own battles but gets in over her head & needs rescuing. but then when the heros come i kill the fuck out of them & keep the girl. villians are fucking great.

3)outerspace or undersea?

see, here is the thing. outerspace is alot bigger. but the ocean has stuff in it! all kinds of neat stuff. all the neat stuff in outerspace is sort of out of scale, you know? its all very far apart & very big. where as things in the ocean are nice & mesosphere.

but the truth is probably outerspace. its dark & cold even more than the sea.

4)if you had to bring one of your living relatives to live with us on a desert island, who would it be?

i think my cousin pauline might be secretly evil. she had twins, that is good evidence of evil. i might pick her. this quetion is impossible to answer. no one of them is coming to snake island! mody of my family left i don't really know about. i've got nothing on my mother's side. havn't seen my father's side in a long time. & it pretty much goes without saying that i am not picking from my immediate relations.

5)if you could kill one person on your friends' list, no consequence, who would it be and why?

see, this is why it is hard to live as me. every instinct i have tells me to pick you! i have to be delicate with you so i don't accidently commit premeditated homocide. would it be okay to say i've already picked the runner up, but don't want to ruin the surprise?

Here's the deal:
If you want me to interview you, post a comment that simply says, "Interview me." I'll respond with questions for you to take back to your own journal and answer as a post. Of course, they'll be different for each person since this is an interview and not a general survey. At the bottom of your post, after answering the Interviewer's questions, you ask if anyone wants to be interviewed. So it becomes your turn--in the comments, you ask them any questions you have for them to take back to their journals and answer. And so it becomes the circle.
Who will play? May I interview you? -- Originally from anoisblue

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