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i'm a double-fool, i think. there i sit in 249 waiting for olaf to show up, watching some grad student scuttle around. thinking, that must be his new assistant, right (it sounds like the eels, when i say it in my head). but no, no. this is summer session ii; his course doesn't begin till summer session iii. which, right? i'm a big dork. i saw him & linda talking in his office- oh sweet linda! i really hope she isn't mad/disappointed after the financial ruin of this spring. like; i want her to be excited to see me again. i didn't speak up at the time, as her & prufer were talking & interupting would have been rude. so here i am, responsibilities assuaged for the day. or at least, the immediate ones; there are things i should take care of in general that i may try to do today.

continuing the interview meme is sharpshinyclaws.

1) Do you think machines are better than humans?

i don't really think it is a matter of anything like that; its more that i see potential in machines that the human form is lacking. but thats a view coloured by the short term; the human form is malleable, as the machine is; its just that mechanical devices have better pr these days, & change in front of your eyes. i mean, i'm hip to the anthropology, so i can tell you people have been carrying out eugenics like crazy. i always feel grimly smug when people talk about human's being out of evolutionary pressures- like, hello? disease & starvation didn't vanish? mate selection is any even more important aspect in human cultures that tend towards monogamy? etc. predation has never really been the priority human concern.

i guess i'm getting far afield. machines can do all kinds of things (like make toast & rise against their makers) right in front of your eyes. but i've always had a perchant for the organic. i think the mediums are not so diffrent even, let alone exclusive. so i suppose my answer is the post-human. i'm not intrested in machine vs. man. i'm intrested in things no longer being human.

2) Are you planning on breeding?

quite. i think three would be a pleasent number. you get a good gene pool dispersion that way. plus, children are like tiny little potential assassins for me to train. i mean, uh, teach. what is really crazy is that i maybe know the girl i want to breed with.

i like antigone for a girl & edward hyde for a boy.

3) What are the worst parts of New York compared to the worst parts of Kent/Akron?

the worst part of new york i have only been to once, & that was this past trip. thing is, when i hear people i trust say "this place sucks" i tend to believe them. in new york that place is williamsburg, the home of the aging hipster & high school emo girl. its the trendy place that the biggest assholes you know are at.

the worst parts of kent are kind of a gimmie. frat house row. i mean, whatever, hating frat boys & girls is sort of de rigur for the college kid, but there are important reasons for that. i probably wouldn't consider this place so sucky if i didn't have to walk past it on my way to the bars.

4) What's your favorite after-bar food?

oh i don't really think i have one. i mean, i've thought about this, right? & the obvious & available choices are like, gyros, loft pizza, taco bell, whatever. & seriously, fuck all that. i just want to get home & pass out.

5) What was the last truly weird (even for you) thought you had?

i don't know from weird; i think everything in my head that goes on is pretty okay. but i can say the most intresting thing i thought of recently was inspired by the pykrete thing at memepool. i mean, its dissapointing that the floating glacier aircraft carrier never happened, but here is me thinking "hey, look at all that outer space."

illscientist, a gentleman & a rocker asked me:

1. sociopath, eh? Aren't sociopaths supposed to be unaware that they're sociopaths?

well, the sociopath thing is kind of tongue in cheek. i mean, i don't feel guilt or whatever i guess? & i don't really consider most people actually um. real. i mean that not as in "i'm a solipst" way; i mean, the idea that behind their face a stranger has thoughts & cares & um, whatever people have inside them besides guts? doesn't register. i don't buy it. strangers are just motive, talking props.

2. Where did the name mordicai come from?

okay, here it goes. ever since i was little, i've liked to make "lets pretend" characters who's names started with the letter m. eventually, this trend translated into gaming. around jr. high i rediscovered tolkien & started casually studying sindarian & quenya. eventually, like a geeky but thouroughly evil 7th grader, i found out that mor- basically translates as "black" or "dark." since at that time we were playing alot of middle earth role playing & eventually rolemaster, i started making characters with names like "morloke" or "morcuivie daedughul." thats uh, "black serpent" & "dark awakenings in the tower of black sorcery" if i remember right.

eventually i started playing vampire: the masquerade. my friend antonio was going to run what is called an "avatar" game, where you run a character exactly or pretty much based on yourself. we were heavily leaning towards the pretty much thing: we were making sort of "what if" characters, with liberal interpretation. i wanted an m- name, & i was looking through my old bookshelves for inspiration & i saw the illustrator of a kids book called dracula is a pain in the neck was named mordecai brown. so i nicked the first name, changed the spelling, & voila. the genesis of my nom du guerre.

3. Do you think clarity of expression is important for livejournal? Or more specifically- is livejournal for the journaller, or the reader? You can use precentages to answer.

14%. 35&, 86& 5% 12%. 110!

really, i think the livejournal is for the writer past anyone else. a reader is allowed to read it, but making it for the reader changes that "journal" aspect of things. i don't mind interactivity like this interview meme, because frankly, i think it is fun? but if i address my readers when i write it is in the most bland & generic way. it is a "dear mr. henshaw" more than anything else.

4. What's the drunkest you've ever been?

it was probably a new years. i think it was maybe the one where aaron & i split a bottle of jaeger & a bottle of that "fire & ice" shit that we took from a girl's apartment. aaron ended up in the hospital; i ended up covered in blood, losing a shirt, & getting lost on a walk home that was from an apartment literally next door. there were police i know, & twister, & passing out in the snow of a parking lot. its all very unclear.

either that, or the new years of 2000 where we think someone tried to slip a mickey into jenny's drink for rape opportunities, but since i ended up drinking it as she didn't like it, we both were hit. well, thats what she thinks. i think that the world probably ended or aliens came & my memories were wiped to preserve continuity. i remember pouring champagne over kira's head, then nothing. i woke up hours later in a futon with jenny & a girl named eliza. though that sounds scandalous, it really wasn't.

5. Zombies: awesome or lame? Explain.

good question. my answer is lame for a few reasons. number one; animate dead costs xp in dnd. eff that. number two. zombies are pretty okay for being cheap- like, a dude is already dead. number three. but maybe it takes time to dig up bodies or whatever? time you could spend on inventing a ray gun or something. number four. its just not my scene. number five. i'm not even afraid of people. if you made a person a retard & hobbled their legs? they'd be even less scary. number six.

zombies are pretty okay, but really, its somebody else's gig, not mine.

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