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zoom zoom. kingtycoon & i needling between the eyelets of york video, darning here, stitching up over there. his new d12 sound like the shape of an elephant in the dark. i'm excited to give it a shot; giddy like a pretty pretty princess. which, speaking of. back at kingtycoon's joint we played the game pretty pretty princess; complete with heavy metal anthems for whoever took the crown. though kingtycoon & i were both an earring away from total domination the game went to danielle, with agatha a close second. back in kent, we stopped in at the zephyr for a pitcher of bass & saw burke on his first day behind the bar. as kingtycoon took off he filled me in a little on the worst of the spectral bunch; the fear of unearned authority. fucking that guy should be my number one (1) priority all the time. after that aaron & i talked about kingtycoon's saturday game, which he might come to; he's thinking maybe he wants to play a rich elf. when the lighthouse keeper finally doused the fire, we retired to our chambers.

or something like that. coherent narrative etc. but to me the best parts of any given day are probably three (3) seconds long. like, i really enjoyed kingtycoon saying "elect" yesterday. & every so often i figure out that fecklessly wrecking myself on the shores of summer classes isn't some doing that needs doing. because i might have to get up & get ready & go to class? which goes against every one of my circadian patterns for the past month, of course. but i'm doing it to be yelled at by an ex-nazi about things i really would like to hear! in liu of having mornings softened up by a girlfriend to wake up to i'll take a crazy olaf prufer please, bob barker.

i'm still tired from this past weekend; those two paragraphs look like they are swarming with cicadas. in & out of earth lying fallow to climb up the trees of me & clutch on with claws till they molt their carapace. but i'm starting to feel like i've got scarecrows in my cornfields after all. like they are the reasons there is something so honest & malevolent in maise. like, walk into me & you'll never walk out, navidson. walk into me, walk into me. the m is short for dachau.

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