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the city of broken hearts.

a man with a fu manchu at the circus. this man has carmalized kettle cooked pop corn, but his face is crumpled like a burger king wrapper from crying. his voice is very hoarse, & it sounds as though he's be yelling for a really long time or smoking dozens of havannah cigars a day when he sobs. this man has theories; he is not very educated, but he tries with what he picks up from the ether. what he lacks in research & experimentation he compansates for by creating more theories. he believes that people are ruled by instinct, can make a good show of applying "darwin" to pop psychology. the fu manchu is a costume; today is halloween & the circus is populated by nun wimples & men in pairs dressed as brothers seth & richie gecko.

the man is crying at the circus, on halloween. there are even fireworks exploding as he fails to eat his sugary/salty popcorn. this livejournal entry contains the encryption key to the dossier i provided you with prior to my departure. deposit the remaining sum of my payment in the second account as per the instructions of 03.18.03. additional services will be rendered as previously discussed, for 10% of the file's current market worth.

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