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fast times at m-mont high.

but soft! i alight to my old haunts as the nighting-gale to the thorn bush; invincible though both virtue & vice. an 'eve past brought adventure in the form of littlewashu, after some time ill spent in a train station. what merry marmalade was that! what fray was where! she & i & my bonny lass drove in a motorized vehicle to brooklyn to partake of trivial pursuit & gin, & oh, bucket of fried chicken. more like "friend chicken!"

after that, kerry was off like a rocket to see her mother, so jenny & i were easily persueded to attend a cafe opening in the most henious & despicable of locales! where-in i saw amete & jen for the first time since their facsimles were broadcast on the court room drama judge judy. some notable things occured her, amongst which number both meeting people who invent dnd professionally, & a story that goes like this:

"so there i was sitting in line to go to the bathroom. there were like, only two (2) people ahead of me! then my girlfriend came looking for me & i gave her my spot in line, because i am a coil of a boyfriend! then later she found me & yelled at me, because she thought she was holding my place in line for me to return! ah, mishaps of callow youth."

also at this soiree i gots myself really fucking plastered, in the fine tradition of the american wild west. because alchohol needs drinking when it might run out, & when you steal some guy's flask shaped bottle. & perhaps i did throw up all over jenny's room; she has evidence it was me, but i maintain that i certainly don't think so for certain! though, her evidence is pretty good. foil of a boyfriend!

today it was cute when i called my girlfriend the fuck machine & said she was fuck crazy. it wasn't my fault however, as she is really hot when unclothed (also, in clothes). then after that we enjoyed lunch with andrew & carla & i didn't like my clam linguini so i traded with andrew. & carla was scandalized that i would point out a girl that i thought was nice to look at, & i tried to explain that i only point out pretty people i wouldn't make out with (although i would make out with them, just like, not first out of a list of people.) then there were a series of minor public transportation travesties, but then isaac picked me up at the airport & played lots of tetris. now i am in my strange apartment.

& i like the look of the numerical critter that is 100%.
also, i am totally okay with being completely her boyfriend. like, being committed to coupledom. with her. & maybe death do us part. but i mean, those are theoretical vows, not like, abscond with the church funds & run to vegas. & i think she will let me name our first son "edward hyde," which is pretty fucking sweet. tonight feels like slim knife-shaped silver fishes.
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