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nineof26 asks:

1. who are you?

without mentioning your encounter suited butt or anything, i'm just going to say "entil'zha m, fucker." i'm the punk fucker who won't quit for nobody no how. i'm second of three, & i'm a straight razor across the throat of the universe. i'm the third intrested party when it comes to armageddon.

2. what do you want?

like napolean says, as so nicely paraphrased by sports night. i showed up, now lets see what happens. i want everything than can be concievably destroyed to do so; & i want to see if anything is left. i've got my poker chips all on black.

3. seriously, what was with the sarah thing for both of us?

fuck man. can i blame theresa? i mean, that is pretty plausible, right?

4. what was your first time online like? meaning, what did you do & what were your initial impressions, etc.

oh eff anymore, man. my first thousand times online were all about bbs. the internet meant gophers & whatelse, back then. then eventually everything else followed suit, but for a while it was just chat, email, & doors. my first email address was ""

5. you're at a crime scene, a young woman in her twenties was murdered. how are you involved?

how am i involved then? i'm leaving. my work there is done man.

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