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this guy just got back from the stork.

it was a creepy-crawly; even i was still with it enough to realize that. i mean, being dehumanized might have had psychological repercussions, & i'm for sure long past that part of the hindbrain that makes hands flinch from snakes & spiders, but i'm not completely unable to recognize the old cues.

i don't know what to tell you; after the sessile pupal form of the soul-parasite splits the rind of its husk & emerges in its larval lemure form, it looks pretty fucking non-hominid. managing to combine the most repulsive aspects of the worm & the insect, only with additional squirming legs & an enhanced vermicular aspect, the fledgeling mane looks pretty much like what evolution has spent the last couple million years convincing its host organism is "very bad."

i guess i should amend my previous theories on practical necromancy. the manes are not the soul itself; they are some kind of oublitte born critter of ilk to the swarm zrkzrk, old scratch rahukrsna & the nezrik's scuttling patron tk-k?r-k. i can't corroborate any rumors of vast chambers containing mane eggs by the millions, watched over by kerubim, but i can speak how they gain access to the outside. i am not aware of what device or through what mechanism it occurs, but sometimes the lemure form of a mane will make contact with the world at the point & time of a human death. it is only here that the lemure can grow to adult form; or at least, this seems to be the best fit ecosystem for it, & the manes have abandoned any previous breeding grounds. even when present, a mane is difficult to observe; the interact only orthogonally with the coporeal world.

it must be that there is another, matriarch form that is the genesis point of other mane. otherwise, i cannot for the life of me hypothesize how these creatures come to be; though labryinth ecology certainly shows a diversity capable of circumventing my expectations.

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