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i don't believe in hippie bullshit, i believe in science!

i sincerely hope that human social "progress" over the next few years is not directed by compassion. everytime i hear a pundit or lobbiest say something about how the children of the next generation are going to view animal "rights" as as much a no-brainer as the current generation views women's sufferage or civil rights for blacks, i cringe. the idea that speciest might be an equivilent pejorative with "rascist" is amazing to me. i don't actually think such a world could come about, but if it does, you can expect me to be on the lunatic fringe.

does it intrest anyone else that if you mumber "neil armstrong" it sounds like "vanilla extract" but if you mumble "john glen" it sounds like "chocolate?" while other's waste their time with trying to explain how lunar landers can be visible through telescopes but also be a cold war hoax, this is the ominous nasa plot i concern myself with.

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