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yesterday was a banner day; i met jenny's best friend for the first time, despite having you know, been entwined in some way with jenny for ever so long. sarah was on her way from la to milan to do modeling work, & had a twelve hour (12:00) lay over in new york on her way there. so at six thirty in the morning (6:30am), in finally did meet her. i was quite enchanted; sarah is a whole ton of fun. she said she expected me to be some shy & brooding boy; where do people get these crazy impressions from?

but no; i think that sarah put it aptly enough; we are similiar, her & i, in some superficial psychological sense, which is why both of us are drawn to jenny. she even took her just desserts when i made fun of her for dating david copperfield. all in all, i think it is unlucky that the jenny-m-sarah team had to be broken up before drunken mayhem could ensue. but so it goes; we swapped email & contact information before she left, so it will all be just fine.

i'm going to watch red dragon & think about dnd. antimonist, here i come.

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