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see, in the upper right hand cornor of the photo, faint.

rendezvous with freelance agent
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rendezvous with freelance agent <lj-user= "andbeblue"> today. i was inexcusably late; i, engrossed with my reading, missed the broadway lafayette stop & didn't want to backtrack on the subway as i didn't realize my mistake until i'd left the stations. i triumphed onward until i finally found her at grand central station. we went to comic book shops & to dojos for hijiki tofu. mackay says i try to be creepy online but am just a big dork in real life. i say: hello? i write more about dnd than i do about, for instance, um. other things. anyone who is surprised that i am a geek at this point is really not paying attention. that don't mean i ain't got a mean haymaker, though. violence & nerd habits do not preclude one another. then i took her to friend <font color= "6666ff">house</font> for sushi & sake, but not enough sake to get her drunk. what do i know. its impossible to judge the lightweights. then we explored up at the edge of manhatten & found jenny's temporary library.

the first valentine consists of a front page with a black heart with a crown & a red heart with a crown. it says "prince m is king murder." & also "ninja edde, wow! she is like a sexy attacker (a food critic with shuriken)." on the inside there is a picture of me as a sith lord with a red light saber fighting a zombie.

the second valentine's front page is the boys from mst3k watching the deathstar blow up alderan. underneath that is black beauty the horse, & it says "black beauty is happy on the farm now." inside, there is mst3k, with empty theater seats, & alderan exploded. on the other page is jabba the hutt, then below that is a green blob. it says "jabba = fat, eats many movie critics. jabba= immune to kryptonite (doesn't even care.)"

the third valentine is five space ships arrayed against a mystery "VS?" the space ships are: the skull asteroid with its highly advanced bio support systems & a ramming spike, the many tentacled cyber octopus with electric eel dna, the <i>discovery</i> warship edition, a big phallic gun ship, a space amoeba & a razor disc thrower guy. inside is their indefeatable opponent: mr t! he says "i hate flyn'."

& i beat mackay twice at chess. this is my stratagy at chess. kill as many pieces as you can. no, quit with the strategy. bloodlust is the new deep blue. or at least, i listen to it the way one oughta listen to our machine masters.

oh & last night i woke up from at least two diffrent nightmares. one i can't remember but i woke up from when i kicked over the fan. the other one jenny was possessed by the ghost (?) of john gacy, & i knew if she got to her bookshelf she could channel the spirit of the clown "guttersnape." i snarled & i swore, & she crawled along the ground. when i finally sat up, that is what woke me up, sitting up in bed.
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