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so jenny & i are running around the house trying to decide if its bigger outside than inside or vice v. mostly i maintain that the wall between her room & the living room has a crawl space big enough to keep demons in. her final calculations say there are seven (7) missing inches. i'm sort of unswayed. because you can knock on that wall & the sound falls flat like hellen keller in a stair well. i am talking minor key piano playing.

after that we watch queen of the damned which is good heavens even worse than you might have guessed. but i'm not surprised. i'm not like you. i didn't fall in love with desolation & forget that the best part of desperation is that it doesn't preclude hope. in fact, the chance of success is what puts the suspenders on the tuxedo of desperation. this is what you are a failure from. i see the end of the world, i see that wasteland, & i call it heaven. because i can, because i don't need props & scenery to make me a star. we'll gather together all the angels onto the head of this pin & you'll see how we are heaven. you? you lack any spark what so ever. you talk a mean poem but you arn't anything of notice. you are iambic bullshit; sound & fucking fury. you signify no absence, no loneliness. to be alone you have to exsist as part of a discreet entity. as in, you have to belong. to belong you have to be wanted. to be wanted, you have to have worth & value. in otherwords, dear ole? you rank a big fat zero point zero zero (0.00) on hobart's scale. i can't believe it took me this long to wipe you off my shoe.

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