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let me explain something to you, callie. it isn't that tricky of a concept, but i don't know how well you'll take your medicine, you little monkeywrencher you. maybe you've heard of masahiro mori by now. he seems to at least be talking in your general direction; least aways, you're a prime canidate for being pupil of the year either way. maybe you know about his uncanny valley hypothesis. if you don't, type it into a search engine. read up a little. then come back. it will save me time if instead of paraphrasing his research i let you do a little leg work on your own. & at least this way you'll suspect me less of colouring the evidence.

there now, are you back? alright. then lets talk about your friends the greys. "no friends of mine!" you're likely thinking. but thats the root of the problem, isn't it. because despite what you think, the so-called greys are not the foe of all mankind. not even most of mankind. in fact, the reason i had you look up the guy above reflects directly on this issue. you can't honestly think that the greys evolved in such a blatent parallel to human form all on their own, can you? i mean, there is always the postulate that greys interact with humans because of that very fact, because in all the universe humans are the only thing like them. i'm sure you see that for what rubbish it really is. we can discuss that theory if you feel the need to, but i won't argue a point thats moot unless i have to.

nor are greys so humanoid in form due to them being from some alternate reality or timeline. again, we could bicker over theories here, but i'm not going to get entangled with things i already know are invalid. these theories i dismiss because i am privvy to the nature of the relationship your species share, & i am going to fill you in on just that. for no other reason than i feel like it, as my mate won't be returning to the lair until later.

the uncanny valley is not a unique idea. like many ideas, it can be thought up by anyone who is struck by the inspiration. or, in this case, by anything. as i've told you, there are deeper places in the universe than you are cognizent of; you brook no disagreement here, yes? you fight the war on your beach head & that is right & good. & well. you know that there are things in these recessess that are, for lack of a better explanation, lovecraftian in nature. hell, maybe old howard phillips knew more than he let on. you know what i mean though. things a good old boy like yourself would stop short of calling demons (& with good reason) & things an old soldier of heaven like yours truely wouldn't hesitate to call gods. you know, six in one, half dozen in the other, & this here gunslinger walks out at high noon midnight.

are you following me here? because the next bit is the ribbon that ties the whole thing together. those monster on the other side of the sky also know about the "uncanny valley" & have endevoured to create agents that would operate effectively on terran soil. something that wouldn't evoke the disgust of a poor attempt to mimic humanity but that wouldn't raise that same disgust by being something humans could not relate to in any way. thus, your greys. i know, i know, not too terribly effective in terms of what they were looking for- i mean, its a statement of how alien these creatures are if they grey's are there idea of cute, right? though to be fair, its a pretty good job of getting into the human perspective if you take it a bite at a time; big anime eyes, small as a child, perfectly androgynous (okay, genderless), etc.

so i guess my point is; they greys are not your enemy. they simply don't understand they human adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. because see, they greys are the fruit of a tree that never ceases its attempts to destroy a thing once it begins. which would be me & mine. the greys may have a capture & return policy on humans, but for us they have no such agenda. but then. as i've said before. here we are. may the children of all stars beware.

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