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the arachne are the main branch of offspring created by the seid'nezrik, or the blight elves. they are the biological relations, not the spiritual decendents (which are the raich-moloch & true birth seid'nezrik) & so carry no innate taint. arachne live both above & below ground, in forests & caves unclaimed by either dwarf or goblin. in many cases they co-exsist with giant spiders; in others, they form crude cults centered around one of the seid'nezrik.

arachne appear as a hybrid of spider & humanoid, with a surprising range of variance between specimins. they are spindly of limb, with pear shaped torsos, & possess both a partial exoskeleton & partial endoskeleton. they heads are somewhat conical in the main, with toothless mouths surrounded by chlecirates & filled with mouth parts (others have mouths complete with lips, the poisoned fangs & mouth parts contained within). some specimins have one two eyes, large & oddly coloured, each with four pupils while others have all eight eyes clumped about the upper portion of the face. arachne hands have two fingers & two thumbs, on on each side. this grants them surprising deftness & dexterity.

the arachne life span is indefinate. senescence is not a factor for their species; while biological systems would break down after time, the prime limiting factor in population growth consist of complications stemming from reproduction. in lean times where resources are scarce, females kill & eat courting males, including the male which fertilized them. in turn, if scarcity persists, hormonal controls cause the female to carry her egg sack internally; the offspring are matriphagic upon hatching, devouring her completely. even at the best of times, arachne do not care for their children, who mature from the pale white juvenile stage to the far more sizable & colour variable adult stage quickly, attaining near to full size five years after birth. avoiding the urge to breed is difficult, as the biological regulatory controls are primal & powerful. mental deterioration can result if the arachne is not permitted to follow this compulsion. for this reason, most arachne leave their territory in pairs of male & female. eunchs do exsist, who attempt to usurp their base impulses, but these rarely live longer than a few decades after the point of sterilization.

the psychology of the arachne is such that they respond most often to externalities rather than internal influences, especially when young. this influence of outside effects manifests strangely, in such a way that the practice of the arcane arts is far more common among them than their limited intellegence would suggest. the arachne word for wizard is something like "d!-mio-ss."

+4 dex, -2 str, -2 int, -2 cha. arachne are blindingly graceful, with each quick movement seemingly thought out with perfect intent. this results from the motive centers of their brain & nervous system being nearer to & more deeply intwined with the areas that grant them sentience (which in turn explains their limited intellegence), as well as their dual opposable hands (among other factors). they are not however overly strong, as their natural prey tend to be immobilized in webbing before the arachne attack it. though arachne societies do exsist, they tend to be formed more out of the neccisity to breed together than from any innate desire for compationship; arachne are all, at some deep level, lone predators.

darkvision 30', blind sight 5'. arachne are near-sighted, being patient predators more than predators based on persuit. their ability to sense motion means that once they are on top of something, they no longer need to see it in order to interact with it.

base move of 30', & jump is not limited by height.

arachne poison binds with actin & myacin at the points that atp would activate, thus causing prey to bind up as if in rigor mortis (dc 10 + con bonus + 1 per 3 hd; 1d4 dex, secondary damage 1d4 str.) an arachne can make a bite attack without provoking an attack of opportunity, which deals 1d4-3 + strength bonus points of damage. any successful bite delivers the poison, even if it deals no damage.

an arachne can web up to 60' square per day. the web has 6 hp & takes double damage from fire. if a creature is caught in the web, it is held immobile. the dc to spot the web is equal to the arachne who made it's rope use check result (arachne who make their spot checks can move through the web without penalty). the dc to break the web or to successfully use escape artist against the web are also based on the arachne who wove it's rope use check result (though if no leverage can be had, the dc to break raises by +5). it takes three minutes to weave a web, & you can take a ten or a 20, though taking a 20 requires one hour of effort.

+2 to concentration, +2 to jump.

favored class: wizard

racial feats available include natural armor, virulent, threat display, self milking, & spitting, & others subject to me actually inventing them.

again, credit to kingtycoon, who is a huge influence on my arachne as well as my goblins, since he runs the games that both rustmrik & inst were in, where i did alot of my thinking about how goblins & ettercaps should be.

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