mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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if you are a witch i will know it through my needle.

in tenochtitlan we found evidence of their hasty departures; from their uneasy vantage, the ships of men we were forced to hide amongst must have seemed an ill omen indeed, ringed with those violent halos. it was lal & zaz who found the first of the crystal skulls, ensconced in strange chambers. we are ever jealous of those who walk amongst the stars now denied us, even if they flit amongst them blindly, like a swimmer in a dark ocean, who knows that the space is vast & open but knows also that things may be in it- but not where, or how many. eyeless, they & all their ilk search only for shore line to pull their bodies up upon. i hate them the way the shark must hate the seal. & now how we envy the post-human synthetic intellegences of the third planet, who have left, whale like, the metaphorical beach & turned to black waters. oh how we sharks hate them all.

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