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the mellow knife.

here is a brief history of the night prior to this fine new york puddle of a morning. jenny & i navigated our way through hell & high water across the rainy streets of new york to andrew & carlas, where we were fed more diffrent types of food that i can even remember. then we all played middle earth risk- it was tense there for a moment, what with jenny attacking me from the grey havens & helm's deep holding out to prevent my control over rohan, but eventually the world was swathed in a final darkness. i couldn't be sure if the girls were really being bad sports or whether it was just jenny signing onto carla's whole brat/victim thing. towards the end there we were getting into shots, & after things with the game finally straightened up, carla segregated us into boys vs. girls & that is how conversation went the rest of the evening. but no matter what anybody said, we totally kept true to the no fighting pact. truthfully, everything was fine until after switching & shimmying around the subway, jenny started crying from frustration at the sixty third street (63 st.) station on the f train. but i finally got her on the train & while we rode it south i struggled to stay awake successfully. walking back to her apartment in the budding daylight i almost got real mad, because she just gave me everything to carry & took off walking fast. i was getting rained on, lonely, tired & drunk, but she waited for me at the door to her building so it worked out so as i didn't get mad at her. then we fell into bed a tangle, where still she lies, like a perfect egyptian queen on her death bed.

& i got an email from cortney this morning. my initial & most valid response is surpise but excitement. like, maybe at a distance we can do what was impossible before. maybe we can be friends again. i could really handle having at least an internet relationship with her. the next thought that pops into my head is to wonder if now i'm just at the same point as the boy she met at the national park. i mean, i don't have any idea at all how that scene went down other than two facts: it was messy, based on what she's told me, & two, i occasionally ran into her at the computer lab in bowman while we weren't talking & she would be writing to him. i don't know, i just hate having a yard stick against me. but i've decided to take it at face value, reply to it with 0% vinnegar, because there really isn't some bitter dram i feel like she's got to drink.

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