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my black & green insides (like pumpkin guts)

sid cobweb says: "i fear there is a sickness peculiar to the mechanocraft technologist which has taken hold of me. my most recent theories on the psychoempathic construct i have dubbed in the argot "the living soul" may contain the secret to saving the worlds, or destroying them all. & having postulated the self sustaining spectral host proposal, my mind cannot help but develop the schematic of a doomsday weapon that may as well be drawn in the viscera of all the worlds. if i can forsee this thing, perhaps others can as well. i have one fragile glimpse of a plan that might yet see the redemption of this device, or others like it. the march of invention goes only ever forward, however, & i will see this task through as best i can, for having imagined this thing, i can no more turn back than any other hypotheonaut."

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