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here there be spiders.

last night i dreamt i was captured by wwii nazis no less than three times. the first time i escaped on my own. the second time the allied forces liberated the prison i was kept in. the third time my attempt to escape by killing an ss agent & using his papers was a failure. then i sat next to the queen of england on the bus to the concentration camp. i got out of that jam by talking about the not yet exsistant watson & crick, nucleaic acids, eugenics.

last night also, jenny & i watched the fabulous death to smootchy & then i proceeded to give her g-spot pounding orgasms. which has basically been a theme lately; that, & the science of it. eventually today we went to prospect park to have a picnic, & i read holes, which was sadly lacking in the ominous catagory. then we came home in order to be a sexy pair. when it started to rain, we went out on the fire escape overlooking the park in our underwear, smoked a cigarette, & drank a cocktail. then i rubbed & moisturize her feet, gave her oral pleasuring, & when we finally did finish having sex, we collapses into a nap while i was still inside her.

tommorow we're going to visit carla & andrew & play clue & risk. there is a no fighting pact in effect! carla has a knack for turning everyone against each other, but only in the most adorable way possible. of all the cute platonic friends from high school to stay tight with, carla is a pretty swell choice.

my symon.

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